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CES 2017 Video Specials

This January the tech world comes together to bring 1000's of amazing products or services to market. The crowds gather for a glimpse of what you have to offer, the media coverage is immense, but with so much competition for eyeballs, how do you show the rest of the world what you have in an interesting and engaging way?


A custom video, personally tailored to your business showcasing your exhibit and your product release is the answer. After 10 years of covering technology trade shows, we know what it takes to produce engaging, stylish and impactful video content at CES. 
We offer a wide array of options to fit your needs. Starting at $500, our crew will come to your exhibit and cover your product or service with the professionalism of a news crew and the creativity of an ad agency. Whatever the perception you want to convey, we can make it happen. Contact us and we will answer any questions you have. We want your voice to be heard this year. Let's do it together.

TV Interview Style.png

TV Interview Style 

This style of video is a great way to bring awareness to a new product offering being promoted at CES. With an interview, your CEO, CMO or your product specialist has the opportunity to answer pre approved questions that will get the right message out with your customers and vendors while impressing them with this professional "news style" video. We can even offer branded microphone flags to your liking to present an even more impressive feel.


Exhibit Highlight Video 

CES offers some awesome opportunities to bring your customers and buyers together to experience your brand message. But with the competition for attention, you want that excitement to last past the week of CES. This is where we come in. We can skillfully and artistically capture the essence of your product and bring that message to the masses to be shared online for months and years to come. This is the way to get the most "bang for the buck" out of your CES Exhibit. With a 1-2 minute video showcasing stunning visuals and accompanied by voiceover or interviews will do the trick.


Brand Event Video

Whether it's on the show floor, hotel ballroom, swanky club, or the streets of Las Vegas, we can showcase your event at CES2017and make you look like the biggest event in Vegas! Hire us to capture the spirit of your event and relive it after the CES craziness has left SIN CITY. It's also a great way to promote next years event and remind your team how important connecting with your buyers and customers can be with a special event or party.


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